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Susan Muir

"Susan’s quality of presence, gentleness and empathy allowed me in my own time, to reflect, explore and to understand myself more fully, and to make the decisions I needed to make for myself."

Person Centred Counselling and Supervision in North Edinburgh

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My name is Susan Muir and I have been practising as a Person Centred Counsellor, in Trinity, North Edinburgh, for the last eleven years.

Prior to this, I have many years experience in Mental Health settings, Addictions, Palliative Care and Social Work.

For me, the key element to Person Centred Counselling is the quality of the relationship between client and therapist. It is this relationship alone that is the therapy, determines the outcome of therapy and creates the strength to identify and face difficulties and consider change. My continued commitment and enthusiasm for this approach lie in the changes I have witnessed many of my clients make and of the healing I have seen to be possible.

In my client work, I am repeatedly reminded how powerful and effective it can be to be deeply listened to, understood and responded to. It can reduce the feelings of isolation, give us a sense that there is somebody who wants to be right beside us, doing their utmost to understand exactly how it is . We can gain clarity , learn about ourselves and make connections between our difficulties-sometimes through exploring our past. We can access inner resources that can allow us to feel capable of making choices, considering alternatives and to carry these through. It can be an empowering and transforming experience to develop a therapeutic relationship with a Person Centred Counsellor and this is what I commit to.

As a Person Centred Counsellor in North Edinburgh, I offer a confidential, honest, real opportunity to enter into therapeutic relationship that is free from judgement. I strive to offer humility, compassion and care and I commit to offering you respect, irrespective of the issues you bring. As a Counsellor, I bring as much of myself that is appropriate , including my personal and professional life experiences.

I find that I am approached in my role as a Person Centred Counsellor as there is a need for an independent, professional person, separate from family and friends, who has no motive other than to hear your story and address your distress.
I am committed to offering a warm, welcoming environment where I will respectfully work with you in the areas you wish to explore, gain understanding in and change. I don't offer advice or answers-instead will work with you to discover your own answers or what may be right for you.

When I first meet with clients, I am often asked "... will counselling help me?" or "... how do I know that this will be right for me?" I believe that one of the best indicators of successful therapy is if the "client" feels comfortable and "right" with the therapist. Only you will know this and I encourage you to take the time meet with more than one therapist until you find someone that you sense you can trust.

"Susan creates an atmosphere that is open, warm and welcoming. I spoke about subjects affecting me and felt no judgment, which made me share more. The atmosphere created helped me explore why I felt a certain way about issues and I began to talk, calmly and logically, about the way forward in a way I have not done before. She helped me see things more clearly, by listening objectively and making links that had not been clear to me. My confidence began to grow and I began to feel better about the issues that had been bothering me before we begun to meet. Susan supported me to be myself, and to find ways to deal with negative issues, by really listening to what I had to say" - Stephen, June 2014

My experience working with people whether in a counselling context or mental health field is wide and varied and for this reason I welcome all clients and the individual issues they bring. People who come for help with what they see as minor difficulties are as welcome as those whose lives have become desperate and without hope. I am always privileged to have the opportunity, as a Counsellor, to meet and form relationships with people from all walks of life.

A particular area of counselling that I specialise in is grief. The type of grief that is so all consuming that it is hard to find meaning in life. This can arise from many situations such as multiple miscarriage; the loss of a child; sudden, fatal illness; a devastating life experience; the realisation that you have suffered emotional abuse as a child. The relationship between grief and trauma and the devastating impact is what I commit to work with.

Additionally, having been a carer myself to a family member who lived with Dementia, I particularly welcome anyone in a similar position whether this be related to Dementia or any other condition.

Furthermore, I am experienced in working alongside people who are experiencing:

Depression, Unhappiness/sadness, Addictions, Bereavement, Chronic illness including HIV/Hep C, Motor Neurone Disease, Chronic Fatigue Childhood abuse, neglect and trauma, Dissociation, Carers, Work related issues, Relationship difficulties, Sexuality, Stress, Further Education-Students, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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