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" Thank you for providing the only place where I could share my distress completely, with someone I could completely trust. It has been invaluable." April 2014

"Finally, I have understood that my difficulties stem from an absence of nurturing in my childhood. It has been a relief to discover this and makes everything clearer-the gentle, encouraging space that Susan provided, allowed me to discover this." Mar 2016

"Susan creates an atmosphere that is open, warm and comfortable. She allowed me to talk about subjects without judgment. It is an atmosphere that helped me explore why I felt a certain way about issues and to talk, calmly and logically, about the way forward. She helped me see things more clearly, by listening objectively, building my confidence and supporting me towards feeling better about the issues that may have bothered me before I began seeing her. Susan has given me a base, a platform, to be myself confidently, and to deal with any negative issues that may confront me- by really listening to what I had to say" Stephen, June 2014

Since losing my husband last year, Susan has been someone to whom I could offload my mixed feelings of shock, sadness and utter despair. Susan truly cares and has been a very important stepping stone for me to work out how best to continue with my life and to try to find a way forward. I found my time with Susan to be invaluable. H April 2015

"Susan’s quality of presence, gentleness and empathy allowed me in my own time, to reflect, explore and to understand myself more fully, and to make the decisions I needed to make for myself. I was very touched by Susan’s commitment to me and my process at every new step I needed to take. She stayed right beside me throughout which was just what I needed. I felt truly understood, accepted as myself and not judged in any way. In my work with Susan I was able to see what I knew but in a much clearer and non-judging way. This is what enabled me to move forwards." J August 2015

'Working with Susan allowed me to develop the confidence to really benefit from counselling. She provides a truly non-judgemental space and I found that she both challenged and supported me well.’ R May 2016

" The relationship I have had with Susan has given me the strength to aply for work that I was too scared to apply for, address difficulties in my life that felt unmanageable and to understand the origin of my difficulties which has been relieving to understand. All done in a caring, sensitive manner which I appreciated and needed." T Sept 2017

"Working with Susan has allowed me to see my difficulties in life have stemmed from difficult, teenage experiences. This has been so relieving as I couldn't understand why I was struggling to cope. I feel hopeful and brighter about my future and the possibility of things being different." S Dec 2017

"Susan is a skilled listener and helped me work through my anxieties in a warm, supportive environment. I made great progress and wouldn't hesitate to return in the future if I needed to." 42 year old female, 2018

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